ELIA Olive Oil Cake Mix Kythira Greece Travel Guide

Love Letter to the Mediterranean | Kythira Greece | Volume IV

The ferry route determining my schedule, I had a full week from late March into April to spend in Kythira when the island was nearly a ghost town. Not a single taverna or cafe open that afternoon, it was clear my week would be wandering terrains and sleepy villages. 

Every time my husband and I stopped for a meal or coffee (if/when we found something open), the few locals we interacted with were shocked to see visitors on the island at this time. They were so happy to share hidden gems, their friends with businesses that were open (or would open for us), and stories of how the island has evolved from when they were young.
As I have said before, there is no better way to travel than during off season. You won't be wrapped up in the top ten or the finest dining, or herding like cattle with every other tourist, rather, you can actually see your destination with clear eyes and a slow pace.
A white-washed chora (the main village) on the sea, abandoned villages hiding forgotten mansions and churches, wind-torn, rugged landscapes where only the strong survive and sheep grazing on wild thyme and spring wildflowers. Kythira is beautiful escape for a slow life with nature. Goddess Aphrodite's birthplace, it is easy to fall in love with this island's authentic charm, open landscapes and mini villages.

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