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Love Letter to the Mediterranean | Tinos Greece | Volume III

Arriving in Tinos with zero expectation or prepared research, the only thing I knew was its religious draw where believers travel far and wide to crawl from the harbor, uphill to the church, Panagia Evangelistria, as a sign of their faith to the virgin Mary.

It was very off season (the only way to truly travel). Stepping off the ferry, the port was bustling with an endless supply of urban shops and cafes, a lovely day spent of its own. Never one for the obvious, my husband and I prefer the lesser known areas. Our house rental was in a small abandoned village dead-center of the island that perfectly set the tone for a traditional stay with easy access to the entire island.

We quickly found that Tinos has several amazing modern-traditional restaurants operated by young locals making their mark. The cosmopolitan shopping was wonderful and felt like the perfect contrast to the rustic backdrop of the island. The landscapes were positively stunning, worth a trip if only for those views.

Just when you think you are at the end of the road, a hidden alleyway pulls you in to find a new hidden gem. When in doubt, keep wandering.




The island's rich religious heritage can be seen through its ornate churches, chapels, and monasteries, each offering a glimpse into Tinos' spiritual soul. Religious or not, there is no denying the sense of tradition celebrated on Tinos island from locals and the thousands of people that travel there every year.


As with many of the Cycladic islands, marble is a major local industry for the locals. In Tinos, the museums and galleries are all worth exploring for the unique expression from one place to another. I especially loved the marble paths and even bus stations scattered throughout the island, reminding you that what we view as splurging is a local craft that is meant for everyone to enjoy.


The most striking part of Tinos for me is the absolutely breathtaking views from every angle. Layered stonewalled hillsides, a reminder from a time past, looking out onto endless, undisturbed, sea views stops you in your tracks. The dolphins were showing off for me during an early morning walk. The cliffed backdrop, vivid blue bay and peaceful quiet of the morning made for such a beautiful moment that I cherish from my time in Tinos.

Pigeon houses (Περιστερώνας | Peristerónas | Dovecote) dotted throughout the island are a beautiful architectural treasure, especially unique to Tinos, that only seem to enhance its stunning tiered landscapes. Meticulously decorated with signature patterns unique to the owners, they are too charming to not stop and explore every single one.


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