Love Letter to the Mediterranean | Monemvasia Greece | Volume II

Love Letter to the Mediterranean | Monemvasia Greece | Volume II

A quaint peninsula nestled off of the coastline of the Peloponnese, Monemvasia awaits with its rich color tones and endless paths.
A stroll through the medieval streets of Monemvasia's fortified town will have you dizzy with wanderlust. The maze of cobblestone alleyways lined with ancient stone houses, Byzantine churches, and hidden courtyards are steeped in mystery and intrigue. With each step through a stone-covered path, you will find yourself saying, “just a little bit further”, until you have spent an afternoon filling your camera with snap after snap and daydreaming of moving into one of the forgotten houses and never leaving.


A lengthy walk to the imposing fortress walls has you wondering if this could possibly be worth it. As you pass through the small and dark arched entrance, a beam of light hits you as if you were transported to an alternate universe. The rugged cobblestone path leads you through countless shops, all beaming with pride for their local artisans, restaurants boasting gorgeous patios on the sea (but only visible once you pass through the interior), and always a happy cat ready to share their favorite spot for basking. Towering churches, lace covered windows, salmon pink stone houses are something seemingly dreamed up.


Abandoned buildings so engulfed in flowering vines that they may be the only thing holding them together, church bells haunting the forgotten paths, sun so harsh you are thankful for the shadows of the towering structures. It may seem as if you are in the cobblestone version of Oz, but you never know which turn will share a stunning sea view leading you to explore that much further until you are nearly lost in the best possible way. Steep, narrow stairs force you up and over tile-roofed houses where the sea breeze stops you in your tracks. Monemvasia is a true Peloponnese treasure and should never be missed.
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